Ali Domean Al Zalabieh (علي الزلابيه) is the owner and operator of Wadi Rum Experience, based in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Wadi Rum Experience provides adventure tours and accommodation to travellers.

Ali grew up in Wadi Rum Desert living in bedouin tent with his family, as nomads moving around the desert with their animals. Ali has worked in the tourism business from a young age. Ali is a very experienced and knowledgeable guide. Not only is Ali a fantastic guide for hiking and jeep tour, he is also an experienced rock climbing and scrambling guide


“I grew up in Wadi Rum, one of most beautiful deserts in the world. I am a guide and a friend to many travellers who pass through this stunning desert every year. I cater to all travellers on any budget, from adventurous backpacker to adventurous families! While the most people travels directly to Petra, Wadi Rum remains Jordan’s hidden treasure.”


Wadi Rum is a magical experience

Ali Al Zalabieh, at the top of Jebel Rum, Wadi Rum.