Camel Tours

A camel ride is one of the best ways to experience Wadi Rum desert like a nomad.

4 Hour Camel Ride

During this half day camel ride you will explore the main sites in Wadi Rum Protected Area. We start the tour near Wadi Rum Village, riding into the desert. At each stop you can get down from the camels to explore the area, scramble up the rocks, take photographs and drink bedouin tea.

Sites: Lawrence Spring, Red Sand Dune Khazali Canyon, Small Rock Bridge
2 person 50JD per person.
3 – 4 person 45JD per person

5 – 6 person 40JD per person

Includes: private tour and bottled water

Full Day Camel Tour

Travel by camel through some of the most spectacular canyons and past sand dunes. During the tour you will get down from the camel to explore and see the area on foot. At lunch you will stop in a nice area to enjoy lunch and rest in the shade.

Sites: Lawrence Spring, Red Sand Dune, Khazali Canyon, Small Rock Bridge and Lawrence House

START TIME 9-11am 

2 person 60JD per person.
3 – 4 person 50JD per person
5 – 6 person 45JD per person

Includes: private tour, lunch and bottled water

Add a nights accommodation in our Desert Camp or Cave

Short Camel Ride

Our shorter camel rides make a great addition to a desert or hiking tour. All camel rides are accompanied by a guide. The camels in Wadi Rum are well-treated and they have a gentle nature.

30 Minute Ride

This is a great taster to experience what riding a camel is like. 

10JD per person

1 Hour Ride

Our most popular option. Start your desert tour with camel ride for one hour. 

20JD per person

2 Hour Ride

Begin your desert tour with camel ride for two hours.

25JD per person

Generally the camel guide speaks less English than our jeep and hiking tour guides.